Nov 24, 2009

So… Long time I was not here, but so much has happened: I spent vacation, had breakage of the laptop, celebrated 30 years anniversary...

And most importantly, since September I participate in Couture Doll Design Challenge

This is a very difficult and interesting contest, but unfortunately don't the objective. I cannot say exactly what was going on, perhaps resident judges are incompetence, perhaps they have prejudice. But guest judge are simply delighted!

So in the near future I will talk about his part in the contest.

Challenge One - Make Mine Mod. Jason Wu designed the Inaugural ballgown for Michelle Obama. Our guest judge this week is from Integrity Toys too, but his designs favour a mod theme. Let's jump back 40 years and imagine that Austin Powers is the President of the US. Design an Inagural outfit for HIS first lady.Guest Judge - David Buttry.

My work:
Two-layer mini dress fashionably late 60's. 69 - this year the first landing astronauts on the moon, in a fashion - space style, silver and metallic fabrics.

The dress is equipped with concealed pockets, because Austin Powers is a super agent and his first lady should be able to stand up for herself and for him. Well, Playboy bunny hints at preoccupied with sex of Austin ...
More photo in my site >>>

David Buttrys appraisal:
A great take on the theme! Love the knife detail. I think the only part that I’m having a little trouble with is the tulle overlay at the bottom hem. I would have either seen it beefed up with perhaps another layer or just left at the same length as the dress. A minute detail though. It’s a great piece.

Theme: 5
Originality: 5
Creativity: 4
Construction: 5

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