Dec 12, 2013

Queen W

This is my favourite work of 2013. Despite the fact that it had started from a regular Fashion Royalty corset for my Bloody Flowers doll lingerie collection, the outfit acquired more and more details and nuances in the process of creation and finally became an independent look.
The outfit included 7 elements:
  • Corset, made of natural silk satin decorated with Solstiss lace, satin ribbons and Swarovski crystals; 
  • Velvet skirt, decorated with lace; 
  • Gloves made of elastic mesh; 
  • Pillbox hat with a veil and a guinea-hen feather; 
  • Necklace and bracelets made of 6 types of Czech glass seed beads and bugle beads, size 16; 
  • Earrings consisting of pins, silk ribbons and Swarovski pendants; 
  • Wooden cane with a Swarovski crystal head.
This outfit is designed for personal collection. It is not available for sale at the moment. 

May 27, 2013

Star tales

If I could write stories, I would tell you about beautiful princess Lilian, brave star fleet captain Matthew (or perhaps a desperado under the name of Mityai). A story how he kidnapped her from the palace on the first day of their acquaintance and some happy days they spent among the ruins of an ancient civilization, on a deserted and God-forgotten planet... But, unfortunately, I can't write stories... That's why you are free to imagine your own story and tell me about your associations!

Apr 11, 2013

Bloody Flowers collection

Last year I had a minor creative crisis, I did not sew anything and only tried to resolve my problems. I also worked in the sphere of my new hobby – miniature flowers.

Now, leaving all the trouble behind, I am back in the rows of sewing masters. I present the new lingerie collection for Sybarite dolls – Bloody Flowers.

The collection consists of three outfits – Tulip, Rose and Poppy. Materials: natural silk satin, Italian cotton lace, French Solstiss lace, silk and satin ribbons, nylon, Czech glass beads and Swarovski crystals.
Limited edition, no more than 3 sets of each outfit.