Jan 21, 2011

Prizes of CDDC!

I am very happy, because I received Prizes of CDDC today! It's so beautiful!

There were many different prizes, but which dolls exactly would be awarded to the finalists was unknown almost until the end of the competition.
When I have seen the list of dolls, I have chosen for myself the most desired - Veronique Stylish Escape and Antoinette Glowing Muse Basic Honey.
And it's a miracle that I won them!

It's a little photos for the report. Usually cats assist at unpacking of doll parcels. =))
But I haven't pets. So my soft dog "Kitty" is as an assistant )ь

When we examined the parcel, we was surprised by attachments description on the customs declaration:

But all was right!!! How do you think, what was in the most big box? Lol, it was no doll, and it was outfit! =))

Last photo before release from the boxes:

I very much love Veronica, the FR dolls from old collections is a holiday for the collector. But Antoinette was the queen of evening today. She is so magic!

More photos in my site >>>