Mar 18, 2010

hoStyle garden, backstage

Ribbons cell with swarovsky crystals subdue savage silk flowers. The
appliqued corset follows the flower theme and brings the outfit
together with the handmade boots of the same rich purple color.
Delicate but dangerous - Queen B, Sybarite doll.

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Rob Thompson (Robs Dolls) said about this work: Wow… This fashion is runway perfection. I love the use of ribbon to make a cage, what a great play on contrast. The dress underneath is beautiful, I especially love the play with volume in the sleeves, and the applied flowers. You have taken a dress that would by itself, unadorned, be a fantastic piece for the RTW line, and made it fashion forward, edgy and Avant Garde with the addition of the ribbon cage, flowers and the corset. I like the handmade boots; they tie in and finish the fashion beautifully. Well constructed and just beautiful. Job well done!

Costume hoStyle Garden was sewn in the same breath, literally for 2 weeks (about 130 hours). This is a rare example where I had no original ideas, and costume took shape in the process of creating, details was dictated the available fabrics and accessories. So, as it was:

1.I understand, that I have a lot of lilac and purple fabric. And I began to think that I can done from this:

2. Firstly, I made a test pattern dress and sewed a prototype of cotton.

In complicated cases, I sew initially sample the future work from cotton fabric that would test how is well the model and how clothes will be sit on the figure. If necessary, I make changes in pattern, until pattern will be ideal.

3. Pattern turned out perfect the first time. And the base of dress is ready now:

4. And so, came embellishment time. I decided to make silk flowers. To my surprise, because I've never made silk flowers, they also got the first try:

5.So is a lot more intresting!

6. I decided that the heartseases be are more interesting than one-colours roses:

7. I made 25 silk flowers:

9. Next I embroidered the velvet corset appliques of gold lace flowers:

10. Bootees:

11. The final touch - the cell-frame of silk ribbons. I was puzzling, as it is better to do, but all genius is simple, it turned out that she She holds the shape itself due to the elastic satin ribbon: