Jan 21, 2010

Red & Black or my pics in FDQ

LoL - Red and Black are my favorite color! And this outfit my pride.
It's my first experience creation underweare and shoes for Sybarite doll. And I plan continued in soon time ;)

And yesterday was a nice surprise for me, I found my pics in FDQ Magazine!

Jan 16, 2010

Cats are cats!

My first dress in this Year, but no first work )))
I got tired with Haute Couture, so I made some easy work...

Cats are cats - Double-sided dress for Momoko doll >>>

Jan 12, 2010

Happy New Year to all!

Well, My laptop with me again and I can write normally =) And I will be show what that had accumulated.

So, first will Flamenco. My handmade outfit for Fashiomn Royalty doll. Natural silk and fur, lace.
More pics im my site >>>